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Mentcon model for ESRS

Integrated with ESRS compliant process – generating the Sustainability statement of your company. (EU)


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mentcon model

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Master the market with the Mentcon model: a straightforward methodology for crafting and executing strategies and business models designed to elevate your performance–outperforming the market.

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The Mentcon Model Brief Summary

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Pre made plan and processes

Starting the process

How to change

And Go!


Pre-made plan and processes

We start with a plan that mirrors the process, outlining the tasks and their sequence, all the way until we begin implementing strategic activities and create your compliant sustainability statement.

Mentcon guide your management team through every step of our bespoke process over a yearly cycle with our step-by-step process and supporting tools. We’re dedicated to transforming your company into a self-sustaining powerhouse of strategic innovation, flawless execution, including transparent sustainability practices and reporting. Our commitment goes beyond temporary fixes; we’re behind you to instill a culture of continuous improvement and market leadership.



Starting the process

We’ve crafted a powerful and uplifting strategy working process that turns complexity into opportunity, guiding you every step of the way.

We start with 2 basic but important steps. 

1. Competitive intelligence analysis: 

How to know what’s affecting us. Global trends, Tech-trends, Macroeconomics, Market, Competitors, Internal challenges…

2. Current Business model

Describe the existing Business model(s) of the corporation.

3. Risk analysis

The captivating and distinctive journey starts now!

With the Mentcon model’s RIO-analysis (Risks, Impacts, Opportunities) we have created a fantastic method to unlock the brain’s synapses, enabling individuals to think in new directions, discover new paths, opportunities, and establish a common understanding of what is truly important for the organization. This becomes an eye-opening experience for all participants.


How to change

At this stage, the management team begins to share a common understanding of key priorities and time to chart the company’s course.

Business model definition:

  • Describe the updated business model(s) of the company. How to change! 
  • Results in focus areas. Where to compete, manage and create change to create true advantage.

Prioritize what to do:

  • Create best value/effort through prioritizing Strategic initiatives via Mentcon model.



And Go!

Define the path and execute

Define strategic initiatives through Mentcon model. Crisp, ready to communicate from and makes the action plan for the organization to navigate and follow up on.

Follow the last genius steps of the process to make change and implement strategic initiatives.

And yes, you would have your Sustainability Statement ready by now if you used Mentcon model for ESRS.