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Mentcon model for ESRS

Integrated with ESRS compliant process – generating the Sustainability statement of your company. (EU)


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Who we are?

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At Mentcon, we are pioneers in the art of transformation, offering large corporations the groundbreaking Mentcon model—a methodology designed for excellence. This easy-to-use, yet powerful framework is engineered to empower businesses to not only meet but exceed market expectations.

Our History

Let us tell you short about us

At Mentcon, we use the innovative Mentcon model, a powerful framework for business transformation. It enables corporations to exceed market expectations.







The start

Our journey began in collaboration with two now large-sized companies, crafting a strategy rooted in our collective experience of driving key results, evolving business models, and executing strategic initiatives. For an exclusive five years, this innovative approach was the secret engine behind our partners’ success, known today as the Mentcon model. With the exclusivity period now concluded, (except in North and South America) we are thrilled to extend the benefits of this model, helping businesses to secure their competitive edge. Mentcon AB, our Swedish parent company, holds the rights to this transformative tool, ensuring its integrity and value.

The present

Though we remain compact in team size, our company wields vast influence through our network of partner firms and cutting-edge cloud solution.

Elevating our commitment to corporate excellence, we’ve seamlessly integrated an ESRS-compliant process within the Mentcon model. This enhancement allows your business to effortlessly craft a sustainability statement that not only complies with regulatory standards but also intricately weaves your value chain, strategies, business models, and targets with material sustainability matters. With Mentcon, you’re not just preparing for the future; you’re shaping it, demonstrating to stakeholders your dedication to sustainable success and market leadership.


Mentcon is, and always will be, a pioneering network company that thrives on collaboration with leading consulting firms, licensing our revolutionary model. Building on our success, particularly with the groundbreaking introduction of the Mentcon model for ESRS, it’s time for us to evolve. We are strategically reshaping our organization to not just accommodate growth but to propel it forward. This evolution marks a thrilling new chapter in our journey, setting the stage for unparalleled achievements and expanding our impact across Europe and beyond.

Next steps

Between 2024 and 2026, we are set to expand our horizons and strengthen our global presence by continuing to build and nurture our partner network. We aim to forge strategic alliances with esteemed and management consulting firms around the globe, leveraging expertise to drive unparalleled success.

In our journey to enhance the Mentcon model for ESRS, we will collaborate with one or more leading audit consulting firms. This partnership will not only enrich our model but also ensure that it stands at the forefront of industry standards, offering our clients the most comprehensive and effective strategies for navigating the complexities of sustainability reporting.

Together, these collaborations represent a significant step forward in our mission to deliver excellence and innovation, further establishing Mentcon as a trusted leader in the consulting industry.

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